Prayer anywhere


Fiji’s Father Mateo Wangka

By Jodee A. Agoncillo

FROM a foreign land, Father Mateo Wangka, a priest from Oceania, Fiji, tries to reconnect with his source of strength and power. “You can pray anywhere, anytime. I need Him right now,” he says.

Wangka is among the several foreign priests participating in an exchange visit at the Ateneo de Manila University.

On Friday afternoon, the author caught him meditating at the school grounds, just a few meters beside his fellow priests who are playing a ball game.

While waiting, Wangka sits alone, as if in a meditating position. “We can pray anywhere, anytime,” he said. “Especially that I am in a foreign land.”

With Wangka is his fellow priest Fr. Peter Totapua from Papua New Guinea.  “Philippines is beautiful. But the traffic… it’s horrific,” Totapua says.

Faith through prayers, they say, can move mountains. “I will remain faithful whenever., wherever,” Wangka said. #


Prayer anywhere

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