Saving grace

For some people, dogs are not just pals. They are real lifesavers. Watch how Filipino writer-actress  Alya Honasan survived the threats of breast cancer through Kikay, her best buddy.

Jodee A. Agoncillo  

More pieces of advice from cancer survivor Alya Honasan here:

Alya sought refuge from Kikay during her most difficult times. These students of the Ateneo de Manila University (photos below), meanwhile, learned new tricks from the Multimedia class–a solution to another “challenging” course they are currently taking.

“We are glad and privileged to have taken this course,” they said, adding that  Professor Kim Kieran’s Multimedia class–in partnership with Professor  Glen Lopez– is the perfect prelude to their New Media class.

Nothing beats actual and hands-on experience with hands-on, skilled and patient teachers, they said. #


IMG_2081Second year MA Journalism students of the Ateneo de Manila University pose after an enriching “New Media” experience. “No one is too old to learn new tricks,” says Inquirer senior reporter Cynthia Balana.



Len Olea of alternative online magazine Bulatlat: Limitless

Manila Bulletin head researcher Leo Laparan: On to the next level
Balana: taking things one step at a time


Saving grace

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