Study life in Manila

Myanmar citizen Ne Lynn Aung, social science student at Ateneo De Manila University share his learning experiences. He recently worked as campaign manager for Tin Thit who was elected as MP in Myanmar general election on Nov 8, 2015. Novel peace laureate Aung Sann Suu Kyi’s party, National League for Democracy (NLD) won landslide. Thin Thit is a member of NLD and Ne Lynn is a one of NLD supporter.



Jeepneys are the most common form of public transportation in Manila, Philippines where Ne Lynn Aung studying. Jeepneys first hit the roads in the 1950s, refashioned from military vehicles left behind by US soldiers after World War II is still to be seen in the Philippines.


Jeepneys offer one of the cheapest ways of getting somewhere. They seldom have a special place to stop. The drivers will slow down enough to enable the passengers to jump on or out.


Jeepneys are found in many colors in Marikina.


The jeepneys don’t have air-conditioning but open windows.


Study life in Manila

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