A Receptionist and Her Big Dream

A Recetionist and Her Big Dream

Kristine Ariel (24) has been working as receptionist in a residence in Quezon City only for a month. This job force her to stay awake for the whole night. She starts working at 8 pm and finish it not earlier than 5 am.

Kristine was graduated from Miriam College earlier this year with some medals in swimming competitions. However, rather than pursuing career as an athlete, she wanted to achieve another dream: becoming a psycologist.

Coming from an ordinary family, Kristine is patiently waiting her chance to go to the university. Working as receptionist is her way to gain more money. She knows, going to university needs lot of money.





Kristine believes, psychology is her real passion. She loves to learn how to understand others, how to deal with their interests.



A Receptionist and Her Big Dream

Jesus of Katipunan

Jesus Abelarde Jr. is a tricycle driver at Katipunan avenue in Quezon City of Metro Manila. A man with full of life often gets depressed while facing the rude reality of his struggle. At the age of 52 he still dreams of a better job and a better life. A story by Zobaer Ahmed.


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A tricycle driver earns $12 to $14 USD per 12-hour day – just barely enough also to cover the skyrocketing prices of gasoline, food, electricity and water.

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Jesus of Katipunan