There’s something about ‘lutong bahay’

Filipinos love to eat.

The numerous restaurants lining Metro Manila’s streets attest to this fact.

One such street is Maginhawa in Teachers’ Village. It has emerged in recent years as Quezon City’s newest foodie’s paradise. 

But even in this area, where there’s a restaurant that offers any cuisine one could imagine, carinderias or small eateries thrive. 

And it’s not only because carinderias offer cheap food. It’s also because at the heart of the carinderia is lutong bahay, or dishes prepared just like the way mom used to cook them back home. 

This is why, despite the many restaurant options in the city, Pinoys always go back to the humble carinderia. 

For Metro Manila dwellers, many of whom are migrant workers from the provinces, eating in a carinderia is the closest thing to dining with family in the warmth of home. Che de los Reyes

Carinderias or small eateries offering cheap home-cooked meals such as this one, thrive even in a foodie’s paradise like Maginhawa Street in Quezon City.
Residents and workers alike go to the carinderia to enjoy a home-cooked meal or ‘lutong bahay’.
Divina’s children often help her at the carinderia when they are not in school.
There’s something about ‘lutong bahay’

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